scrubbing bubbles.

2 February 2002

scrubbing bubbles.

I just finished converting most of my personal site from Dreamweaver to CityDesk. What do you think?

I decided to spend the time to change things over to get some real experience before recommending the product for some of my clients. I am, for the most part, impressed. I will likely end up using both CityDesk and Dreamweaver to manage my website, but that’s because the products have very different strengths. It’s not an indictment of either.

If you’re contemplating using CityDesk, I recommend you try out their free starter version first and see if you like it. Fog Creek does a good job documenting their product, but there are some drawbacks I hadn’t considered at first.

Overall, however, my impression of the software is certainly positive. I actually started working on my Enterprise RPG site, I cleaned up my personal site files and removed all the entries from my Slashdot journal. I have been slowly growing disgruntled with the user population of Slashdot; signal to noise ratio has been falling of late. It was especially prevalent in the journal articles, and this decline certainly contributed to my decision to pull it all in-house. But as much as I will miss the ability to submit articles over the web, I would really rather have control over the pages.

And who wouldn’t, really?

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